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Who needs a coach?

Everybody! CLARITY provides individualized and customized business leadership coaching to business owners, creative individuals, restaurateurs, physicians and other leaders.

Coaching is a dynamic, individualized and customized process for discovering positive mindset shifts and your unlimited potential.

It’s the process of committing to personal growth, moving toward a balanced, fulfilling and rewarding life, while achieving goals that will stretch you.

This relationship is a powerful partnership that focuses on behaviors, sustainable success, and creating a compelling future.

CLARITY Leadership Coaching helps you to:

  • clarify your vision of success and
  • develop and to commit to your action plan

You are given support, guidance and the tools to help you achieve your goals in your personal and business life.

By asking powerful questions and listening, our intention is to empower you to make your best next steps!  We believe in helping clients learn to self-coach and to coach others.

We love to inspire people to celebrate success and achieve ongoing positive results and rewards!

CLARITY’s philosophy is that every human being is 100% pure potential.  Think of yourself and others as having infinite, inherent worth. With that paradigm shift, extraordinary things can happen!

Strategic Intervention (SI)

SI is a coaching process that uses a combination of modalities. It is dedicated to discovering the most practical and effective forms of strategic action and communication.

The goal of SI is to integrate the core insights of traditional and proven methods of leadership, human psychology and systemic disciplines to bring about positive personal and organizational change.

SI can quickly identify the inner conflict within an individual and apply the strategies that address their belief system and emotional patterns.

SI is based on the THE SIX HUMAN NEEDS, a concept developed and popularized by Tony Robbins and Robbins-Madanes Training (RMT).

Human Needs Psychology is a practical inquiry into human motivation, as well as a compendium of effective strategies for promoting both individual and group change.

How does coaching work?

Once you have committed and you are ready to go…

We will design and agree upon how our relationship will work; clarifying our roles and expectations of one another.

You will be asked to complete an assessment, to answer a series of thought provoking questions about yourself. We will uncover your top three goals and the best action steps to take, while we create a compelling vision for your future.

The hallmark of coaching is self-responsibility and self-awareness. Typically, individual coaching is done by telephone, Skype, and in person, two – four times each month. Live personto-person and group coaching is also an option

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Coaching Sessions and Professional Service and Fees

Prices vary based on curriculum, scope of work and length of program.

You will be asked to evaluate my coaching services and your progress on a regular basis. Your coaching is an investment in your success that will pay big dividends.

I am looking forward to meeting you and helping you get clear on your goals and develop solutions and strategies. Let’s connect now! Sign up for your Special Gift. I will respond with a link to my schedule, then you can set up a time for a virtual 30-minute one-to-one clarity session with me.

We are happy to provide information about designing a customized coaching program for you personally and for your organization.