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Commit to CLARITY for Business OwnersDiscover the two-steps to arrive at CLARITY.

Assess four key areas of your business – financial, relationships, beliefs and practices.

Clear Communication: The Essential Ingredient to Leadership – It’s not what you say that matters; it’s what people hear or don’t hear!

FISH!Create an Environment that Thrives on Positive Energy– How to apply the four principals of FISH! in your organization.

How to Think Like Leonardo daVinci According to Michael Gelb – A fun, creative and interactive workshop. Includes mind mapping, music and flowers. Explore and learn to apply the seven principles of thinking like daVinci.

The Skills of A Mediator – The five steps of the mediation process and how to apply these steps to handle conflict.

What is the Value of Choosing a Positive Attitude? – Learn how your personal “energy” and environment impact your life and business.


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