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With Carole Jean’s leadership we worked out issues regarding our decision-making processes, and further secured the group’s integrity through common language and improved communication skills.

Kenneth M. Hodge MD Advanced ENT and Allergy

Carole Jean has a unique outlook on life because she is so open minded and kind to all people she crosses. She is constantly looking for different ways to grow and share her wisdom.

Always reading new books, going on retreats, participating in seminars… I’ve never met anyone that had such a desire to enlighten themselves and others.

As kind as Carole Jean is she is a very direct person and will tell you when you are setting yourself up for failure, I really appreciate her honesty and the self-awareness I walked away with after each coaching session.

Carole Jean provides a helpful outside prospective which will help you see what you could have done differently to either defuse or possibly avoid these conflicts in the future.

I like her approach; she does not tell you what to do.

She merely asks you questions that will lead to you find your own best conclusion showing you how to find your way and encouraging you to self-coach.

Caroline Burns, Administrative Assistant

Carole Jean is an outstanding Coach of trust.

She knows how to inspire and motivate, stays close at your side while you move out from your comfort zone.

It took me three months to make an important business contact coming true.

Carole Jean helped me to stay on track and to keep reaching out for my dream. Thanks Carole Jean – I wouldn’t have done it without you!

Fanny Ritter Milz, Acclaimed Author Butterfly Habits: Make Your Honeymoon Last Forever

Carole Jean changed my life!

In a very compassionate, loving way she held a mirror up to me so that I could see the dysfunction I was participating in that gave me so much trouble.

At the same time her genuine belief in me helped me to find the strength to take the steps necessary to become more of the person I want to be.

Carole Jean has the rare talent of being able to be very professional and the same time very personal. This combined with her depth of business experience and wisdom makes her an incredible guide for anyone struggling with in business.

She invests so much into her clients that I have never been disappointed.

Christopher Timm, Yale Divinity School Film Writer and Director

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I learned how to implement methods of leadership in my every day life. I also learned that my attitude—good or bad—has an affect on others.

Amanda Walker, School of Music, University of Louisville