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Personal Success:

Here is a story about one of my clients that will help you understand how important it is to get past mental barriers, to believe in yourself and to take action.

It was early January when I met my disheartened client for lunch. She was unhappy, stuck and struggling to have a breakthrough in her life. She wanted to identify her purpose and find her place in the world.

I had coached her for several years in the past, and had helped her move forward which included selling her famous restaurant. Since then we have nurtured a good relationship, had many stimulating business conversations and even shared in a few successful restaurant consulting jobs.

As we talked, I observed her defeated body language and experienced her flat voice tone and negative language. I hadn’t witnessed this much unhappiness in her for quite some time. Compelled to help her turn things around, I offered to coach her.

She agreed it was time to get professional input.

The coaching session started with clarity.

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Business Success:

One of my first contracts was working with a group of physicians. The managing physician asked me if I would work with the front desk team to improve patient relationships or customer service.I was happy to do so.

Knowing that it was important to work closely with the physician as well, we agreed upon a one-to-one coaching engagement as part of the process. My first step was to complete a needs assessment with all the physicians, the management team and some team members from each department.

Step One:

I wrote a customized set of questions and interviewed twenty-five of the fifty team members. In individual private meetings, I asked each one the same questions and from there compiled a report.

The report contained, only a summary of what was said, and gave particular attention to recurring themes. Once all the information was gathered, I compiled and presented the report.

The report provided clarity on what was going on in the organization, where the organization needed to improve and how to generate the improvements.

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