Who is CJ?

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About CJ:

Carole Jean Rogers – aka “CJ” is a business leadership coach, workplace mediator and entrepreneur. She works with business owners and creative individuals who want to commit to clarity, to take action, and to focus on success and prosperity.

CJ has been an entrepreneur her entire adult life. Now as a coach and consultant, she has the opportunity to work with and serve people from diverse cultures and organizations in many different ways.

As a former restaurant owner, she employed thousands of people for more than twenty plus years. CJ is in the business of helping people succeed. It is her passion. She describes herself and her approach in working with others as heart-centered and head-smart.

A Personal View of CJ:

CJ lives in Louisville, Kentucky, USA, with her husband Peter D. McHugh and their Kerry blue terrier, Liffey McHugh. Peter is a world-renowned concert violinist and Professor Emeritus of Violin with the University of Louisville.

Food, cooking, entertaining, music, traveling and friendship are important values to both CJ and Peter.

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