Why work with CJ?

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100% committed to help you succeed. I am professional, passionate, trustworthy and compassionate. I have a good sense of humor and I believe work should be fun!

Client’s value:

  • my genuine understanding of people and business
  • my insightful and candid feedback
  • my ability to encourage and support
  • my kick butt, get it done attitude!

I love people and I love my work. I want to help others and I do.I guide my clients to self-coach, to learn and apply coaching skills. They become better people and better leaders.

Most have struggled with:

  • Clarity of thinking, decision-making
  • Understanding and dealing with, people issues
  • Honoring and recognizing the intelligence and value of the people in their organization
  • Building high-performance teams

One of the most gratifying experiences of my life has been working with business owners and leaders to help them solve their most pressing problems.

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No one becomes a successful business leader on their own, find out what CLARITY can do for you!

By working with me to become better leaders my clients have gained:

  • Clarity of personal and business vision and mission
  • Personal growth and positive transformation
  • An understanding that leadership is about building and nurturing relationships,between all the people in the organization
  • A mindset shift of valuing people as assets, not as expenses
  • The ability to encourage, empower and engage the people in the organization
  • Increased emotional intelligence, business engagement and happiness
  • An alignment and accomplishment of the most important goals
  • Compassion and empathic communication as personal and organizational values
  • Current, relevant knowledge, skills, and behaviors such as listening, advanced communication, mediation, mindfulness and strategic leadership
  • Greater freedom and peace of mind while making more money
  • Work/Life Balance

Additionally those with whom I work have learned to:

  • Plan, prioritize, and achieve top goals by clearly stating the goals, identifying accountability measures and taking ownership
  • Successfully and consistently leading management meetings for inspiration, accountability and results
  • Implement IHOT (Interview, Hire, Orientate and Train Right)
  • Write Operating Handbook Policies (along with training)
  • Establish solid accounting/bookkeeping practices with proper monitoring and staff training
  • Create clear guidelines for customer centered and cost effective schedules
  • Implement solid inventory control
  • Celebrate small and large successes