I am a business leadership coach and entrepreneur. I work with business owners and creative individuals who want to commit to clarity, to take action, and focus on success and prosperity.

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Follow Clarity’s two basic steps for sharpening your focus and achieving your personal and business goals.


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What exactly do you want to accomplish in the next 90 days?

Focus on the action steps to achieve your most important goals.


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Recommended Resources:

7habitshighlyeffectivepplThe 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change

Stephen R. Covey

I’ve been a fan of Dr. Covey’s book since its first publication. This book has been my trusted “go to” life guide. The habits and wisdom are the foundation of who I am and what I do. This is a life-changing book that has spoken to me in all phases of my personal and professional life.

Carole Jean Rogers


7habitsworkbookThe 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Personal Workbook

Stephen R. Covey 

Use this workbook as the perfect tool to ensure you understand and apply Covey’s 7 habits. Working Covey’s process is an important dimension of the learning journey. All it takes to create a better life is desire, skills, knowledge and action. Go!

Carole Jean Rogers

theEmythThe E Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About it

Michael Gerber

“The system runs the business and the people run the system.”

I love this story about Sarah’s pie shop and her business coach. The right systems, forever seeking clarity and knowledge are such a critical area of any business. This book touches my head, heart and soul.- Carole Jean Rogers

davincipicHow to Think like Leonardo da Vinci: Seven Steps to Genius Every Day

Michael J Gelb

I love this book, I keep it close and refer to it often. It provides inspiration to think in fresh and fun ways. Learn The Seven Da Vincian Principles and how to apply each one.

Discover your greatest point of leverage in your personal and professional life.
Carole Jean Rogers

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